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What are the "YesAsia Global" and "YesAsia US" buttons at the bottom of the forum?
These buttons are links to YesAsia's Global Site and YesAsia's US site using our affliate codes. Any purchases made through these links will give us commission for the order. ONLY orders made by first clicking on this link will give us commission.

Which site should I go to make an order?
If you are from the US or CANADA you should switch to the YesAsia US site after being redirected from AHS. If you are outside of these two countries you should order through the Global site.

How much commission will AHS recieve?
AHS recieves 10% commission for each order not including the price of shipping.

Does the commission apply to all items at YesAsia or only Ayu ones?
For the most part, it applies to all items and not just Ayu ones. The only thing we will not recieve commission for is gift cards.

Do I have to pay extra for my order if I use the YesAsia link at the bottom of the forum?
No, you do not have to pay extra for your order. The 10% commission that we recieve is paid for by YesAsia.

What will the money be used for?
The money most likely will be used to continue to pay for hosting that meets our space, bandwidth, and support needs. To pay for our domain name, software, etc. Or to pay for contest prizes. In any case, the money will go to the forum and no percentage of it will go to any individuals.

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