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thesweetseason 2nd January 2022 04:54 AM

Bought Tickets in Japan, how do I receive them?
I'm going to see Ayu in Kobe. At least I hope so anyway.

I paid for the tickets in cash at Lawson because my card was not accepted. I have that receipt. It says I will be contacted with instructions on how to download tickets on the Avex app.

I have not received these instructions. Will they come later? Has anyone else attended this tour?

I could not enter the lottery because unfortunately it thought I lived overseas and I couldn't change to my JP address.

Ayumi_lover 3rd January 2022 08:17 AM

For those who won in the lottery the tickets come around 2 weeks before the show. You ahould get an email, and if you open AnyPass app it will offer you to add show to your list. The seats will only become visible couple of hours before the show.
So I guess they somehow have your email address/phone number that can be linked your AnyPass account? (I think they are linking by phone number, but I am not sure). Did you fill in any personal data when you bought the tickets? You paid for them in cash, but which service did you use for purchase?

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