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LOONAppears 6th August 2022 01:04 AM

Beyoncé releases new Break My Soul remix with Madonna… thoughts?
Okay so we all know bey is full of surprises and she just dropped one today with the release of The Queens Remix of Break My Soul featuring none other than Madonna. Now she doesn’t actually sing on the song thank god but her 1990 classic Vogue is sampled predominantly on it, and one thing Bey loves to do it’s to credit the F out of her samples. which is a good thing obviously, she saves herself the legal trouble + the people she samples gets the recognition they deserve.

Now for my opinion.

EYE don’t really like Madonna. it’s not that I don’t like her music, because i do enjoy a lot of her songs. the thing is her antics especially her recent one are very off-putting to me and while i can respect that she’s a legend in the music industry and her impact is undeniable… she’s just too strange �� also i can’t get over the fact she rubbed my country’s flag in her crotch area like girl…

That being said, i did like this remix and i liked the part where Beyoncé shouts out a bunch of iconic black artists (+ Madonna) and ballroom houses (which Doja Cat stans thought she was shouting her out when in reality she said house of LADOSHA… that made ctfu) I think the addition of Vogue felt natural as this song and the rest of the Renaissance album felt heavily inspired by the ballroom scene and house music of the 90s. my only thing is that it does take a while to pick up in pace a little, but that’s fine. I like that this feels like an actual remix and that she took the time to record new vocals for it and rearrange the song, makes it feel like a Mariah 90s dance remix a little!! I hope this new remix will help push the song to the deserved #1 spot on Billboard

As of the time of me writing this, the remix is not on streaming services and is only available on her website for $1.29. I thought that was a bit of a strange approach considering how big this collaboration is and how streaming is everything nowadays, but the again Beyoncé has never really been about conventional promotional tactics.

U can get the song here: https://shop.beyonce.com/products/br...e-queens-remix

UPDATE: The remix has now been released on streaming services! Here is the Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/4Dukz...RfmcKE8_g899uA

kotora 7th August 2022 10:24 AM

I can't believe the Milkshake drama and Beyonce needs to cut the sample out of it.

LOONAppears 8th August 2022 09:14 PM

While I understand why Kelis is mad I feel like she’s taking out her anger on the wrong people… calling Beyoncé satanic and saying she sleeps around to get what she is highly inappropriate especially coming from somebody who criticized Beyoncé for supposedly not staying true to her girl-power message in her music… Not to mention the ableist slur she used in her rant. I do hope that Kelis does get justice when it comes to her master but the way she went about it was less than ideal. I’m glad Bey removed the sample, I don’t think she did it out of spite, but because she knew that the money would go to the people who took Kelis’ masters and she clearly knew she was uncomfortable with the whole situation.

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