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truehappiness 13th April 2010 11:08 PM

Directors and their works with Ayu (PVs, CMs, etc.)
This thread is here to help those who might have questions about what directors Ayu has worked with over the years.

poker face - Wataru Takeishi
YOU - Wataru Takeishi
Trust - Wataru Takeishi
For My Dear... - Hiromitsu Odagami
Depend on you - Masashi Muto

WHATEVER - Wataru Takeishi
LOVE ~destiny~ - Wataru Takeishi
TO BE - Wataru Takeishi
Boys & Girls - Wataru Takeishi
appears - Wataru Takeishi
kanariya - Wataru Takeishi
Fly high - Wataru Takeishi

vogue / Far away / SEASONS - Wataru Takeishi
SURREAL - Wataru Takeishi

M - Wataru Takeishi
evolution - Wataru Takeishi
NEVER EVER - Wataru Takeishi
Endless sorrow - Wataru Takeishi
UNITE! - filmed by Takahide Ishii
Dearest (and Acoustic Piano version) - Wataru Takeishi
Connected - STUDIO 4°C
Daybreak - Wataru Takeishi

Free & Easy - Wataru Takeishi
Voyage - Isao Yukisada
Real me - Ukon Kamimura
RAINBOW - Wataru Takeishi

ourselves - Kouki Tange
Greatful days - Hideaki Sunaga
HANABI ~episode II~ - Shuichi Tan
forgiveness - Yoshiya Okoyama + D.B.D
No way to say - Ukon Kamimura
Because of You - Kouki Tange
ANGEL'S SONG - Hideaki Sunaga

Moments - Tetsuo Inoue
INSPIRE - Tetsuo Inoue
GAME - Hideaki Sunaga
CAROLS - Kiyoshi 'Utsumizm' Utsumi (her VTR/Video Producer)
About You - Hideaki Sunaga
walking proud - Ken Sueda (now deceased, bless his soul)
Humming 7/4 - Wataru Takeishi

STEP you - Tetsuo Inoue
is this LOVE? - Masashi Muto
my name's WOMEN - Wataru Takeishi
fairyland - Wataru Takeishi
alterna - Kouki Tange
HEAVEN - Wataru Takeishi
Bold & Delicious + side story - Luis Hernandez (concept by Mikajohn)
Pride - Luis Hernandez (concept by Mikajohn)
rainy day - Tetsuo Inoue
Ladies Night - Masashi Muto

Startin' - Takahide Ishii
Born To Be... - Takahide Ishii
BLUE BIRD - Takahide Ishii
Beautiful Fighters - Takahide Ishii + Luis Hernandez for etc. work
JEWEL - Wataru Takeishi
momentum - Takahide Ishii
1 LOVE - Hideaki Sunaga

part of Me - Takahide Ishii
glitter/fated/Kyoai/Distance Love - Wong Hoi
talkin' 2 myself - Tetsuo Inoue
decision - Wataru Takeishi
Together When... - Takahide Ishii
(don't) Leave me alone - Takahide Ishii
Marionette - Tetsuo Inoue

Mirrorcle World - Kazuyoshi 'Shimoko' Shimomura
GREEN - Kazuyoshi 'Shimoko' Shimomura
Days - Takahide Ishii
Rule - Takahide Ishii
Sparkle - Kazuyoshi 'Shimoko' Shimomura
NEXT LEVEL - Luis Hernandez
Curtain call - Luis Hernandez

Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ - Wataru Takeishi
Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ - Wataru Takeishi
You were... - Masashi Muto
BALLAD - Takahide Ishii
Sexy little things - Masashi Muto
Microphone - Masashi Muto
Don't look back - Hideaki Sunaga
Lady Dynamite - Kazuyoshi 'Shimoko' Shimomura

MOON - Hideaki Sunaga
blossom - Takahide Ishii
crossroad - Masashi Muto
Virgin Road - Masashi Muto
Sweet Season - Luis Hernandez
Love song - Masashi Muto
Last angel - Masashi Muto
do it again - Masashi Muto

progress - Masashi Muto
ANother song - Masashi Muto
Why... - Masashi Muto
beloved - Leslie Kee
BRILLANTE - Leslie Kee

Shake It♥ - Masashi Muto
NaNaNa - Masashi Muto / Hiroki Yokoyama
Return Road - Masashi Muto
how beautiful you are - Masashi Muto

You & Me - Masashi Muto

Song 4 u - Masashi Muto
Missing - Masashi Muto

Wake me up - Masashi Muto
snowy kiss - Masashi Muto
Sweet scar - Wataru Takeishi

Melody - Masashi Muto

Feel the love - Yusuke Azumaya (+Luis Hernandez?)
Merry-go-round - Luis Hernandez (m-flo version by Satoru Yokoyama)

XOXO - A Crew
Lelio - A Crew
Angel - A Crew

Zutto... - Masashi Muto
Last minute - Masashi Muto
The GIFT - Hideaki Sunaga

Step by step - Hideaki Sunaga
Sayonara feat. SpeXial - Daisuke“NINO”Ninomiya
Summer diary - Hideaki Sunaga

Winter diary - Masashi Muto
FLOWER - Masashi Muto
Mad World - Masashi Muto
(all co-produced by NAGAIHOSHI)

A BEST - Wataru Takeishi [?]
All BOSS CMs - Satoshi Kawarabayashi
Freixinet - 'WHITE CHRISTMAS' - Suguru Takeuchi
Panasonic D-snap AS30 - my name's WOMEN - Ichirou Tani
Panasonic D-snap SD100V/350V - STEP you - Wataru Takeishi
Panasonic MD MJ59 - walking proud - Wataru Takeishi
Panasonic D-snap/D-dock SX800 - Bold & Delicious - Wataru Takeishi
Panasonic - ALL LUMIX CMs - Wataru Takeishi
HONDA GIORNO Crea - too late - Jyunji Kojima
Lycos - Fly high - Wataru Takeishi
TU-KA A MODEL - Ichirou Tani
TU-KA 放送室 編 - Ichirou Tani
TU-KA funstyle - M "funstyle mix" - Ichirou Tani
TU-KA - HANABI - Isao Yukisada [director of Voyage and Tsuki ni Shizumu]
KIRIN Supli - NEVER EVER - Wataru Takeishi
JT Ringo no Tensui - TO BE - Kazuaki Ue
MISTER DONUT - ALL CMs - Isao Yukisada [director of Voyage and Tsuki ni Shizumu]
Morinaga Meringue Choco - For My Dear - Hiromitsu Odakami[?]
Morinaga Kongari Choco - End roll "HAL's mix" - Hiromitsu Odakami[?]
Morinaga Petit Mont Blanc - Hiromitsu Odakami[?]
Morinaga - ALL HI-CHEW CMs - Michihiko Yanai
S-Cup CM - Masashi Muto

DOME TOUR OPENING - Wataru Takeishi [?]

Kaleidoscope - Wataru Takeishi [?]
INSPIRE - Wataru Takeishi [?]
GAME - Wataru Takeishi [?]
CAROLS - Wataru Takeishi [?]

Are You Wake Up? - Wataru Takeishi [?]
STEP you - Wataru Takeishi [?]
Ladies Night - Wataru Takeishi [?]
alterna - Wataru Takeishi [?]

taskinst - Wataru Takeishi [?]
Not yet - Takehide Ishii
part of Me - Takahide Ishii

The Judgement Day - Wataru Takeishi [?]
(don't) Leave me alone - Wataru Takeishi [?]
HANABI - Wataru Takeishi [?]
Depend on you - Takahide Ishii
STEP you - Takahide Ishii
Marionette - Wataru Takeishi [?]

Disco-munication - Masaru "Tacky & Ricky" Takigami
Load of the SHUGYO - Masaru "Tacky & Ricky" Takigami
HOPE or PAIN - Masaru "Tacky & Ricky" Takigami

THE introduction - Masashi Muto
solitude / BALLAD - Masashi Muto
memories / Don't look back - Masashi Muto
STEP you - Masashi Muto

Tsuki ni Shizumu - Isao Yukisada

Huge thanks to monochrome for a lot of these.

AngelSenshi 14th April 2010 03:09 PM

Yaaaay! All this awesomeness in one place; I like having these things organized.

I think generally Wataru Takeishi is one of my all time favourite directors, along with Hideaki Sunaga. I certainly wish both of them did more of her videos in the present; not that I have any real complaints about the directors that work with her now, just that I really like those two :D

truehappiness 14th April 2010 09:08 PM

My favorite would have to be Kouki Tange. The man just knows what to do with Ayu, haha.

1) Kouki Tange
2) Wataru Takeishi / Tetsuo Inoue
3) Hideaki Sunaga

And that is my top 3 (4), aha.

AngelSenshi 14th April 2010 09:41 PM

Tetsuo Inoue is also really really brilliant! I have no complaints about any of the PVs he's done.

Kouki Tange was pretty good, though he hasn't done that much; though what he has done has been brilliant.

truehappiness 14th April 2010 09:51 PM


Kouki Tange was pretty good, though he hasn't done that much; though what he has done has been brilliant.
You have to see his other works.


Prepare to eyegasm.

rookies 19th April 2010 10:19 PM

This list is very useful, thanks.

I hope this thread gets stickied.

truehappiness 13th October 2010 06:54 AM

Updated with the latest singles' directors.

truehappiness 23rd April 2011 11:16 AM

Added director of 7 days Special videos.

ayumi hamasaki Rock'n'Roll Circus FINAL 7days Special Tour SPECIAL SCREENS - Masashi Muto

LONJJONG 18th July 2011 03:14 PM

Kouki Tange likes to make creepy videos, huh? But interesting :p
I like it all~

YUKARI 23rd July 2011 07:56 AM

Wataru Takeishi filmed all the most expensive videos of ayu. He's my favourite. I'm sad he doesn't work on ayu's new stuff.

truehappiness 2nd March 2012 04:46 AM

Updated with all the FIVE PVs. Jeez, this is old, haha.

jang-kun 9th March 2012 06:05 AM


Originally Posted by truehappiness (Post 2322210)
My favorite would have to be Kouki Tange. The man just knows what to do with Ayu, haha.

1) Kouki Tange
2) Wataru Takeishi / Tetsuo Inoue
3) Hideaki Sunaga

And that is my top 3 (4), aha.


Kouki Tange's PVs, even only 3, are prolly the best PVs in all of Japan LOOL

AyumiAi 9th March 2012 02:58 PM

my favorite is takahide ishi

isthisLOL? 9th March 2012 03:01 PM

I could have SWORN hbya was Leslie's work...then again...he probably would have told Ayu to wear another wig lol

Heavenly 9th March 2012 08:32 PM

Masashi Muto tends to be her new Wataru Takeishi lol :laugh

truehappiness 21st November 2012 06:29 AM

Oi, I need to update this.

Pieces_of_SEVEN 21st November 2012 07:42 AM

yay it's up to date now~!

Aderianu 29th November 2012 05:42 AM

why this thread not sticky? ( I always lose it

~ayu-cake~ 29th November 2012 06:10 PM

Stickied this thread! Such a great resource. Thanks th.

Delicious n Bold 29th November 2012 06:26 PM

Ive noticed this trend with Wataru Takeishi's work:
ayu looks nice in the videos but hardly anything happens.

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