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OogoeDiamond 23rd December 2016 10:57 PM

Ayu is now on Spotify
Seems like work in progress
Some albums and single are there but it all seems like a total mess

ExodusUK 24th December 2016 12:12 AM

Uh oh this is driving the sleeping pedantic Ayufag in me wild.

Party_King 24th December 2016 12:34 AM

Great! Thanks for the Info ^^

xLuna&1LOVE 24th December 2016 12:49 AM

O my god yeeeeees!!! Finally!!! This makes me really happy.

hud 24th December 2016 01:01 AM

I'm DYING. this was my wish the ENTIRE year!

merry christmas yall!

edit: lots of her albums are missing from there, but I found them blocked for playing. perhaps they will unlock for us in the future? there's playlists with her music from Spotify Japan from october.

Refix 24th December 2016 01:21 AM

I hope this can make her fanbase grew larger, especially US and Europe... although kinda hard to see that.
Anyhoe, I'm happy for this.

CatGirl 24th December 2016 01:50 AM

Oh my God, about time!!! This is so exciting, thank you!!!

nanomi 24th December 2016 03:14 AM

I'm so so excited! Finally!

Ruan Borges 24th December 2016 03:14 AM



AyuWorld 24th December 2016 03:51 AM

yessssssssss! a good reason for me to log in my spotify again hahah, always dreaming bout this

revolution9292 24th December 2016 09:28 AM

she is also on apple music. However, We are the Queens and A best 15th anniversary are not there.

primavera♥ 25th December 2016 07:13 PM

I found a lot more albums from visual-kei bands before on Spotify that weren't there when I first got a subscription and I just never checked again. But when I stumbled upon them I was so excited to easily relive stuff I really loved.

I would love to see more ayu music on spotify.

desideratum 26th December 2016 02:42 AM

I'm glad they're making some of her back catalog available. The remixes are extra surprising.

Hopefully they plan on having new releases available on the release date in the future.

pedronekoi 26th December 2016 03:48 AM

WOW!!! I thought this time would never come! <3 so happy! Apple Music is shit! Love Spotify.

There's even some singles with full tracjlist :O I'm impressed!

rikku1994 27th December 2016 12:05 AM

It seems like a lot of J-pop artists are being made available which I swear some aren't even there a couple of weeks ago. Mika Nakashima & Koda Kumi are also there... Tho not exactly the complete discography yet.

Kinda weird that Made in Japan album only has Flower and Mad World lol

willytbk 27th December 2016 03:47 PM

OMG...so happy. finally !

hud 27th December 2016 05:20 PM

they just added A Song for xx, LOVEppears, Duty, I am... a bunch of singles and some ayu-mi-x albums. seems like we're getting there! full discography should be up soon I guess.

indigochild 27th December 2016 05:26 PM

This makes me so incredibly happy!! Now if they can hurry up and add (miss)understood and Secret aka my two favourite albums of hers, I will be satisfied <3

hud 27th December 2016 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by indigochild (Post 3226486)
This makes me so incredibly happy!! Now if they can hurry up and add (miss)understood and Secret aka my two favourite albums of hers, I will be satisfied <3

I found Secret but it's blocked outside of Japan... I was able to save it but I can't play album tracks yet. (m)u is really missing lol

chestergringo 27th December 2016 11:43 PM


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