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mi|kshake 26th September 2019 12:58 AM

So I finally watched the Blu-ray and whilst it looked amazing and I loved all the little adlibs in the songs but...I found myself really missing the band. Great show but I hope the band does make a come back soon.

artcika 26th September 2019 01:20 AM

The concert was amazing! But same, I missed the band too~ Especially the rock part with Yo-chan.

_dandy_ 28th September 2019 07:18 PM

> Especially the rock part with Yo-chan.

That reminds me--I wanted to post about this...

There's plenty of Ayu video compilations on YouTube...10th anniversary...15th...20th...etc...and while some of these can rival (or easily exceed in some cases) Avex's own promotional material in terms of polish, why is there not a single compilation on YouTube of Yo-chan just rockin' out during Ayu's concerts? He can play these *amazing* guitar riffs during interludes...why has no-one (more talented than I) ever put together a nice compilation of him doing what he does best? The material is all there on the various concert discs...

That would, well...*rock*. :-)

LOGMAN 4th October 2019 02:18 AM

Yo-chan is the best. I was watching a movie the other week and was so happy when he appeared, having a guitar duel with another person. It was great!

kendelle 8th October 2019 01:34 PM

That's such a cool idea :) I don't think I'm the one talented enough to do it justice but I'd like to try when I have some free time! I really miss the old days of Enrique and Yo-chan together.

truehappiness 9th October 2019 03:23 PM


Originally Posted by Aderianu (Post 3306606)
How come in 2019 dvd sells better than blu ray


The fanbase in Japan seems like they all still have DVD players and not BD players. It's also why CD+DVD is still the 'prime' version of releases among CD/CD+DVD/CD+BD too if it's even an option.

ExodusUK 11th October 2019 06:44 PM

Ayu's Japan fans are too young or poor to have blu-ray?

Norrel 12th October 2019 02:21 AM


Originally Posted by ExodusUK (Post 3308102)
Ayu's Japan fans are too young or poor to have blu-ray?

What an assumption.

For context, this is the same country where fax machines are still widely used, and it's nothing to do with poorness.

The simplest answer for why DVD still reigns in Japan? Most likely - people just don't have any feasible reason to upgrade, so upgrading would be excessive/unnecessary.

truehappiness 12th July 2020 08:18 AM

I don't recall if it was ever mentioned but did they ever state who photographed the cover for this release? If not, can someone who owns the BD/DVD check who is credited? I know Masayuki Kamo was credited for the booklet pictures but not sure about cover photography.

Toniayu123 12th July 2020 10:18 AM

^ I think it was Shimoko

truehappiness 12th July 2020 11:54 AM

I thought so as well, but I just wanted to make sure.

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