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ImpactBreaker 3rd February 2004 01:08 AM

You don't need to nominate several times, just once because it's not a vote, we just need to know who the initiates think would be able to do a nice work. Also, it would be good if everyone could put valid reasons for the nomination ;)

SurrealDreams 3rd February 2004 05:29 PM

what impact said above ^ and i want to add,

We are not getting enough nominations!!

we've got many views on this thread (500+ so far), so please nominate as we'd expect a lot more than what we got so far. We're keen to get the helpers up and running soon so if u can nominate sometime soon it would be much appreciated.

Please nominate at nominate@ahsforum.com
and state the reason(s) why u nominated those ppl.

thank you, and good luck :)

Kaiousei 3rd February 2004 10:11 PM

can we nominate ourselves?...forgive me if its a stupid question

ImpactBreaker 3rd February 2004 10:38 PM


Originally posted by Y2KSPHINX
can we nominate ourselves?...forgive me if its a stupid question
Yep people can nominate themselves as long as they give convicing and valid reasons for that.
The staff can't analize people out of the blank:shrug It would be good if everyone could state proper opinions about who they are nominating ;)

-BOKU- 4th February 2004 04:04 PM

Quick Question... Till when are u accepting nominations? is there a limit as to how many u can nominate? and when do u think we'll start the voting? :think

okay so I guess thats 3 Quik questions :trout

Grantith 4th February 2004 05:49 PM

Re: Forum Helpers

Originally posted by AyuRocks
How they are selected
...There is no deadline for submitting nominations. The staff will continuously accept nomination emails as long as they decide to keep this program going.

No, but please don't abuse it and nominate tons of people.


Originally posted by AyuRocks
The staff will select three of the nominated initiates to serve at a time.
There will not be a vote.

-BOKU- 4th February 2004 06:55 PM

oooo makes sense... i should use my reading glasses more often,:rubeyes thankyou good sirrr

boogieordie 4th February 2004 07:54 PM

but still there has to be a deadline for the first round of helpers, I believe that is what he was refererring to, right?


Chireresu 5th February 2004 03:47 AM

Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai is growing!!!Yay!!Congratulations to the winners!!!

PickleCookies 5th February 2004 05:54 PM

Who will be the first Forum Helpers? And when they be announced?

Unimatrix Prime™ 5th February 2004 06:13 PM

While I have no idea what's going on exactly, I'm sure the helpers will be announced once the staff has a good amount of nominees and decides from that list :)

-BOKU- 6th February 2004 03:44 AM


Originally posted by Unimatrix Prime™
While I have no idea what's going on exactly, I'm sure the helpers will be announced once the staff has a good amount of nominees and decides from that list :)
yep he is exactly correct!:nudge :nudge :nudge :nudge :nudge :nudge

y am i nudging?... im feeling nutty GOMEN GOMEN! (that means sorry right?)

boogieordie 8th February 2004 09:59 PM

Nomination Deadline Approaching
The deadline for the first round of nominations has been set for wednesday, February 11th (EST). If you would like to see someone considered, and have yet to nominate, you need to send in your nomination by that date.

You can send nominations to - nominate@ahsforum.com

Please include the reasons why you think this person would be a good candidate.

The staff will continue to accept nominations as long as we decide to keep the program going, however, initiates nominated past February 11th will not be consider for the first round of helpers. All nominations recieved between then and the next deadline will be considered for the second set of three helpers.

The AHS Staff

..:DisarO:.. 9th February 2004 04:25 AM

I like the ideia, I'd like to help AHS, but nowdays is getting hard to me use the computer, coz I have classes during the afternoon, but if there is something that I can do just say!:thumbsup

SurrealDreams 9th February 2004 10:40 PM

we are still short of nominations! there are 1063 views on this thread as i type, and the number of nominations in relation to that doesnt seem right. so have a think who are the ones who can do it best and state some reasons for your choice(s) before the 11th!: nominate@ahsforum.com

Takke 18th February 2004 08:46 PM

Oh boy guys! Sorry to inturrup you guys!

Damn it was long time ago when I was spamming here in this forum! Most of the old guys know who I'm. But anyway I remember last time we hade a contest about the same thing.
Many rumour was floating around and irritation was borned in this forum, many members left this forum (wonder if they have returned) etc.

Hope this doesnt affect anyone here. I dont even reqognize the old people here and also alot of new people! Nice to see that AHS is growing! Keep up with the good work guys!

Hope someone vote for an old member like me ^_^*


mimika 19th February 2004 04:33 AM

hey takke! hope u still remember me..hahaha

Takke 19th February 2004 04:56 AM

Heeeey Mimika!

Long time now, where have you been?

Havent seen you posting recently. Except when you replied my post ^^

Unimatrix Prime™ 20th February 2004 11:02 PM


Originally posted by GSTS™
My computer accidently viewed this thread 600+ times. Sorry Mr. SurrealDreams.
Accidentally? LOL... I guess that explains why there were over a hundred page views the first hour this was posted. Luckily, VB3 will only count unique page views :)

Chrono 20th February 2004 11:20 PM

so who is nominated by now?

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