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visionfactory 27th December 2020 03:49 AM

What is this exactly?
So I got this one from Yahoo Auctions hoping to find some special unreleased version of Far away. Nonetheless it's a 1 track CD with the regular single mix. But anyway I wanted to know if somebody knows what is this exactly? I believe, the song is supposed to be sent to a specific person in floor 48 for promotion purposes (?) maybe in some radio station or avex building

Also, why this was issued in 2012?


Xianghua 27th December 2020 10:20 AM

I believe the "12" in the date is the Japanese year, Heisei 12. So it would have been the year 2000.

Far away was released May 17th, 2002, so quite possibly it was for promotion purposes.

Oh also 48F isn’t for 48th floor, it’s a reference number of this CD :)

Xianghua 27th December 2020 01:35 PM

Sorry for the double post! After reading the blue paper, it seems like this was for the CM of the cell phone company TU-KA. Here is the CM:

pedronekoi 27th December 2020 06:18 PM

far away was released on May 17 2000 and this CD was sent to that person on April 27 2000 (Heisei Year 12). Also its written "O.A. yoroshiku onegaishimasu", O.A. means On Air so it was probably given to a radio or TV channel to play it "on air". Also there's written "this time there is only one song (in the CD)". It's definitely for promotion purposes :)

visionfactory 28th December 2020 04:19 AM

Thanks for your answers ^_^ I think it is very interesting

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