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the only part that I noticed being messed up was that rollin' didnt have her mic on for a small part at the beginning, but that's just what i noticed.

during bridge to the sky, there was a slideshow of ayu going from now all the way back to when she was a baby! never before seen picture of her as a teenager and child! i cried a little. hahahah

the mario part was the little movie before energize, the male dancers had baseball uniforms on and the girls were cheerleaders.

when she sang from her chest during days, it means it was a really deep and powerful voice. it was really strong

im tired so this is all i have to say for now. hahaha

on a side note, the USB versions (yellow ones) of NEXT LEVEL were being sold at the concert! so i got one!! There were a lot of them!! And i got a clear file, poster, and the yellow next level "pouch" (prize B)

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