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I went to the Yokohama performance on 10th may.

My seat was in A block seat 150 so I was VERY close to the scene.

Well, the concert is really different from the others this year, I mean, it's not the BIG show.

Very 80's, very colorful, it is a real and true pleasure to be part of it.

Setlist is simple, she sang every NEXT LEVEL track and more such as AUDIENCE, evolution, Present, For my dear, Humming 7/4, UNITE!, HOPE OR PAIN, MY ALL.

Costumes were really nice especially the Rule one. No crazy or weird dresses this time.

Vocals were absolutly perfect, especially for For my dear and Curtain call.

A lot of dancing and public was always raising his hands. For Sparkle, she let us sang with her " No no no part a LOT of time ".

She signed 5 or 6 Ayu balls and then gave it to the public with a baseball bat.

Lasers, fireworks were also hear.

Really good concert, everyone was excited.