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TO explain what was different today~

* the clown form the beggining made us do a wave hahahaha fuuun!!
* in MOON ayu stopped for some seconds because she was almost crying =)
* the MC was sooo mcuh longer and it's the interesting part!!

First of all suba-sama an ZIN told ayu about the truck in the entrance with a we <3 ayu written with little messages... they also showed us how they also wrote one and where they put it XDD

Ayu explained taht today we had lots of cameras... and it's because it was recorded in 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O* I didn't understand if it as for cinemas like with NEXT LEVEL or for a DVD!! I hope it's for dVD! hahaha And she did sth soooooooooo hilarious! She searched a 3D camera (had 2 pink lines to identify it) and startet moving her hands (subaru and zin too) like pointing to the camera, because in 3D her arms would go out of the screen, all the arena started doing the same to the camera and she started laughing XDDD There will be a multiple 3D attack in this dVD!!

after that ZIN taught sweet season dance... it was hilarous cause we always say some parts like "ZIN ZIN, ZIIIIIIIN" but there're other parts were we say: douzooo, douzooooooo, or kira kira kira... but the last time ZIN started saying everything with ZIN and we did the same hahahaha I even did the Kira kira kiraaa with "zin zin, zin zin, zin zin" XDDD ayu and everyone were laughing xDDD

Then the a capella corner, she did again the softbank song, but today was like watching the CM live hahahaha Zin put on a white dog mouth and ears, like the dog in the CM (otou-san?). So ZIN sit down like a dog, ayu was talking to him, and suba-sama wa splaying that weird thing, Zin had to say some sentence from the CM and ayu said "senkyu", just like in the CM! XDD

Then I think she said people were requesting blossom, she she decided to sing half song. She said suba-sama to list 5 dancers (I think it was Shu-ya, kaeru, Go-mi and 2 more... I don't remember) to dance behind her in the first verses, and then that ZIN and subaru came again in the last chorus wearing the dog thing (zin) and the sparkling neckties -(subaru)

so yeah, she sand 1st 2 verses and the last chorus of blossom with band and dancers =) was fun~

after that she sand again crossroad a capella =)

she was crying all time for sweet season, but even more in Seven days war T____T everyone was crying!!

so yeah, perfect final!!

How to join Team Ayu! ~

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