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JUNO, the older brother of JUNSU from popular boy band, Tohoshinki / JYJ, will make his debut in Japan this summer. Although the single has no title, it will be released on August 3rd through Rhythm Zone on avex trax.

On his official website, JUNO thanks everyone for all their support and is truly greatful for it. He hopes he can meet everyone as soon as possible.

The single will come in two editions: limited edition and regular edition.

The limited edition will include 2 original songs plus a DVD that contains the title track music video and a making-of. This edition costs 1,890 ($23 USD).

The regular edition will be a CD only and contain 2 original songs. As a bonus, the first press will include a bonus track for a total of 3 songs.

avex’s mu-mo shop will have a special privilege for fans. The limited edition that comes with a CD will have an original sticker sheet A. And the regular edition will have original sticker sheet B.

Fans can also check out his official mail magazine by avex.