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Originally Posted by rainbow_smile View Post
I finally ripped it! Gonna upload it today/tomorrow!

Edit: Finished uploading. You may download it from here (MEGA). Tell me if there are any problems.
Originally Posted by tsumekaze_ View Post
Thanks and I'm glad to do it, I always love her MCs! <3

Woah thank you!!! <3 I'm going to work on it, I think I'll just post the translation on a new thread as usual? can't really do subs. Any ideas?~ I'm really grateful, thanks.
Originally Posted by rainbow_smile View Post
No problem! ^^ Yeah, I guess you could create a new thread when you're done, so that more people can see it. I really appreciate that you're going to translate it, since I only understand maybe like half of what they're saying XD (though most of that is just them singing "Wow wow yeah yeah" lol)

Would also be lovely if someone could make the subtitles, too. But if no one is up for it, I could attempt making them myself, though I've never done subtitles before
Thank you guys!

rainbow_smile i can try subbing the MCs since Im free now. Just that maybe i need to know where to stop and start the conversation line by line, you know subbing the song is easy because you just can follow it line by line in the lyrics while the singer is singing.

but Ive made subs for AT09 MC so I think I can survive this too

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