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Originally Posted by Chris85 View Post
The problem is she often lip-syncs the entire dress rehearsal.
Ah yeah, forgot about that...If they recorded any of the singing rehearsals/soundchecks they could use that audio, it would be pitch corrected anyway like サイゴのトラブル broadcast... but yeah if she didn't have a full run through with her actually singing and was recording (as far as I know, some people soundcheck every song so that can have ideal levels and some people don't do every song) then it's a problem. I just look for ways to be efficient and save money but still have something good enough to show, so instead of rebuilding the stage and doing a one off show with little or no audience, it's a compromise. I would definitely prefer her to do an actual show online stream though, that would be the best if they're willing to spend that kind of money (if they think they'll make money selling tickets for it).

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