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Originally Posted by Andrenekoi View Post
^if there's something I didn't feel at all from ayu on that talking, that would be "sweetness"... IMO it seemed more like "why is this "nobody" even talking to me?"
She didn't look that way at all. She kindly looked over at Gaga to show her she was listening and she was understanding, that was the point of the nodding. She didn't look like she was nodding boredly, she looked like she was nodding like "I can understand" which was definitely a nice thing to do considering the language difference which could make Gaga feel uncomfortable.

Gaga didn't seem to show that much interest in anything really. Her attitude that is quite snobby is a bit of a turn off; some people have no problem with it and some people do. I'm one of the people who doesn't really appreciate an attitude like that, I could say.

tbh, I think Gaga was just her rude self, and I got this impression from Ayu's actions and facial expressions that she didn't care much for Gaga at all. If I were Ayu, I'd be offended when Gaga went on about how young people should be in the forefront of culture. I dunno, it came across as snobby to me, especially when you're sitting next to a living legend and one of the most successful artists with a lengthy career in the country you're visiting to essentially imply that old people should step to the background.
I don't think she meant to draw that much of a line between the young and old generations and such. I think (kindly) she was saying that young designers who have very 'out-there' sort of designs in mind, should be supported and should be able to design things in the way they want to. Which, I can say, was very good of her to say. Younger generations in creative industries should be supported, and not looked down upon by their predecessors for doing something different that looks odd.

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