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Originally Posted by kaled kalil View Post
But it's not the anniversary: 20th CDL =/= 20th Anniversary.

As said before you don't count the day you're born as the first year, there still 12 months for you to have your first birthday/anniversary/whatever you wanna call it.

You can call it her 20th CDL, which it is not because in 2017 it was a non-countdown performance, but whatever.


Btw, 25 years in showbiz in Brazil is relevant. Do a quick search as '25 anos de carreira' and you will see there are plenty of singers/artists who celebrates with releases. Ivete, Joelma, Latino and so on. Not that I care, but saying that it isn't special is just misleading.

The place I would say that those things aren't important is in the US. I don't remember any female singer doing anything that special after 10 years, and even so it seems it's not a big deal.
^It's not unnusual to re-release famous albums in the USA during their 25th anniversary.

In the end, it all depends on what the artist is trying to sell at the moment and how the date can be used as an excuse to promote it


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