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Originally Posted by voltron View Post
I feel like she's much more conscious these days about which songs suit her current voice best, and so she tends to stray away from a lot of older songs.

That said, if she put effort into new arrangements, it could work really well. In TA2015 she sang M at the show I went to, which was swapped out for Last Minute on the recording date and it was the more rock arrangement like the first PoM. It definitely suited her voice very well.

Dearest, on the other hand, hasn't really had a great performance since the time it was a single (and all of those performances were great). So I'm OK if she doesn't sing that one live again - it just doesn't work for her now.
I agree that that is most likely the reason that she stays away from them, but it's highly melancholic also, she should feel she can sing her own songs, even if they have to be altered and don't sound similar to the studio recordings anymore. Hopefully she does re-arrange some oldies in the future so that she can.