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Originally Posted by Crystal_Ageha View Post
Honestly, this is a case of American vs. Japanese etiquette and responses. Americans are known to be very.......forward, and love to talk about themselves. Japanese are the complete freakin' opposite. They show respect to guests, no matter what, and are brought up to ask about others, not directing things towards themselves so easily.
In the U.S., this would be a very normal conversation. But because she's in Japan, things get turned around a bit, and she looked quite rude because of the contrasting culture. But really, that's still no excuse. I don't care if that's how she was raised, or if it's her personality, or her stage persona or whatever, but if you're traveling to a foreign country - let alone, if it's to promote something, like what she's doing - you need to learn how the natives act. Also, GaGa obviously is interested in Japanese culture, so she should have known better. This is one of those times where you need to throw a few things aside, and just act accordingly. It's like how you're not supposed to show up in ripped jeans and a mohawk to a job interview, you know?
I agree with this alot...
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