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Originally Posted by owlflight View Post
I'm just wondering what songs will be on the venue only cds. I have the feeling that we may only get 2 new songs from the 6 total (Feel the love, Merry-go-round, Pray, and hello new me being the other 4).
The venue only CDs will have 6 new tracks total. 2 new songs for one venue, 2 new songs for another venue, and 2 new songs for the last venue.

So it is something like this (just placeholders, nothing is known for sure):
Rock song + Darkchild song = CD A
Fedde le Grand song + DAISHI DANCE song = CD B
RedOne song + Armin van Buuren song = CD C

I assume the album is going to be like this:
Feel the love
Hello new me
-rock track by her usual team that she hinted at-
Darkchild song
Fedde le Grand song
RedOne song
Armin van Buuren song

Unfortunately, this means we won't get a very surprising album unless there are a few tracks not being revealed beforehand.

Originally Posted by ayu-michan View Post
Wait for it.
I know Rock'n'Roll Circus ended up that way, but there was a pattern for that. This time around it seems a little less likely. We just had a tour with the title '15th Anniversary Tour ~A BEST LIVE~' and a CDL with no subtitle at all.

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