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Originally Posted by SunshineSlayer View Post
They could replace it with the audio from the first day. Or maybe they even recorded video of the first day as well. When they did the power of music 2018 broadcast, it looked like they edited two days together (in the Mad World performance in some shots her hair is flat-ironed and in others it's not.)
Providing they recorded the first day thatís about the only thing they can do, no amount of auto-tune can fix her not singing over the back-track and trying to shout words when you can barely hear stuff coming out of her mouth XD

The good thing is when she is actually healthy she doesnít sound like this, so I look at this performance as an exception. She did great back in January in Osaka with all the upbeat songs while she was her usual self with No Way to Say and aeternal which was still a lot better than this!

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