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Originally Posted by njanjayrp View Post
Just watched the broadcast. There was obviously something wrong with her voice as she couldn't yell nor scream and she is good at that.
There were definitely many parts where she couldn't scream, especially towards the end, but there still were other parts where she did scream, like bits of Brillante.

Originally Posted by njanjayrp View Post
I don't think it's the ears nor that there were tech issues, her voice was simply strained from either a cold, a night of drinking and singing or something worse. She was really trying her best, but it wasn't coming out the way it was supposed to. To an extent part of Me and HEAVEN benefitted from this as she couldn't scream through the chorus.
I agree with your points here.

Originally Posted by SunshineSlayer View Post
I hope maybe they will go back and edit the vocals when her voice is in better condition (or maybe she sounded better on the first night and they can use that audio instead) because this is a show worth releasing on dvd/bluray.
Unfortunately they never do that, no matter how awful she sounds they edit what they've got and don't replace the vocals. I only remember several cases when they fixed wrong lyrics mistakes.

Originally Posted by Aderianu View Post
For me it feels like ayu didn't hear herself
If that were really the case, she would be singing off-beat, which didn't happen.

Originally Posted by Katsuyuki012 View Post
it'll probably be drenched in autotune.
Yeah, remember Made in Tokyo CDL? It had similar problems, she sounded like a robot after they fixed it.

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