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I was going to post a lengthy review of the show but there really isn't much to comment on. But I think this was a good show. It felt more like a normal concert that she would have done before 2017.
I liked the stage and the screens and lights. This show felt like it had a higher production value. The setlist was really great and I actually enjoyed having less classic songs for a change. Her vocals in my opinion were not quite as bad as some others are saying. She definitely was sounding a bit rough and struggled on some parts. I also thought that when she cried towards the end of walking proud it was genuine. The orchestra section was really nice and I loved the poker face tribute. I wish that Ayu would ditch the showgirl aesthetic but she still look great.
Are we all going to pretend that opening/intro didn't happen?
I have to say what the hell was that opening? It felt so out of place, like it didn't belong. I didn't get it at all. It just came across as bizarre and slightly creepy. Was that like Ayu's occult illuminati ritual for the new Reiwa era? They even walked together covering one eye.
Also that part when Timmy came out and was looking for "sexy boys" was so cringe. It made me facepalm. The whole skit. It didn't even feel relevant to the show.
But to end on a positive note, overall this show made me happy and I felt it was better than some previous concerts.
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