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Ayu actually addressed this in an interview a while back and she says Secret or ASFXX was her favorite album.

Translated by Misa-chan from Harper's Bazaar HK October 2013
Hamasaki Ayumi’s music has been described as “revolutionary”. We heard her views about this.

“In truth, I never planned to revolutionize anything, nor did I work to create things to be popular or fashionable. I’ve always been doing things the same way in these past 15 years, which is to use my personal experience to create music. I believe that I’m very lucky to be able to touch fans’ hearts through music, to create a bond between us. I feel honoured to be named as a “revolutionary”.”

Of all the albums she had released, it was hard for her to pick out a favourite. But if she had to choose, she would pick 8th album “Secret”, released in 2006, or 1st album “A Song for XX”. The reason was that her debut album was a totally new experience for her, and having to sing, write, and create MVs on her own was exhilarating.

When we asked her if she had any passions aside from music, she paused for a moment before replying “No”.

“I don’t know how I should answer this question, but nothing can compare to music. It holds the highest position in my heart, and nothing else can move me so much, or bring me such joy. However, if I really had to pick, I’ll choose gourmet. I enjoy good food and wine. However, music still holds top position.”

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