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Originally Posted by AyuCanada View Post
Well... none of us has an idea of the production budgets of any of these Tours, 2011 POM actually started with even less production, only one costume and no dancers... but it was a new concept.

About recycling stuff... well, with no new albums since 2 years, recycling stuff is predictable. We will have to accept that Ayu is an aging singer and she makes her money with her previous hits. You might be tired to hear SEASON, but Japanese clearly aren't since it is her most played song on Spotify. I am not an expert in Japanese industry, but the older western singers all recycle their stuff in their tours. Celine has been offering the same songs and numbers in tour and residency since almost 2 decades... and she still manages to sell out venues.

Also... they had barely 2 months to build that show... it was a last minute thing. I don't know what people were expecting but my expectations were really low and realistic.
1- I think the less budget is obvious, no new costumes (for now) and less orchestra people lol

2- I'm not complaining about her performing SEASONS, on the contrary i'm happy to see it performed during a tour and not just on tv. I'm complaining that she's recycling stuff from the SAME tour (PoM 2011), you can't just throw a 20th anniversary tour, call it PoM and recycle half the original show like that.

3- "Also... they had barely 2 months to build that show... it was a last minute thing." exactly, why would they do that? Throwing a new tour just for the sake of doing a new tour? Sounds unprofessional and immature to me, Ayu always say "i want to deliver the best performance for everyone" but this rushed tour is the total opposite of that.

And yet they're charging people more, increasing ticket prices!

I'm sure Ayu will change things, that the final shows won't be the same, but it's a pity for those who attended those first shows.

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