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Originally Posted by maxikot View Post
This tour already is already a fresh breath of air compared to her recent shows so I'm happy. Come on we get new props, new visuals for 1 Love (and they are really cool) and overall she seems to enjoy it a lot. That makes me anticipate her April arena concerts even more.
Actually for the show I attended I was surprised there were so many new things like costumes, props, and performances, especially the new arrangement of The way I am. It wasn't same as what she did in Line Live. It started with acapella and then different instruments were added step by step after first chorus. Something new was added to Last angel too. During the intro of the song, the male dancer acted with ayu in Šternal picked her up and then went to backstage. This made Šternal and Last agnel connected so well. The background visual of Last angel was also very attractive. That's why I'm mad to see her ditched The way I am and Last angel but kept 1 LOVE and added WARNING. She is still able to make her shows brand new, but she tend to throw away the new things and recycle those overperformed items. Luckily she still hasn't ditched We are the QUEENS, which is one of my favourite performance of this tour besides The way I am and Last angel.