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I wouldn't say to avoid Taiwan/HK users at all. Usually when a Taiwanese/HK seller says they are selling the Avex Taiwan or HK releases, it's legit. You can tell by the listing, pricing and the stock. Bootlegs are usually extremely cheap, the seller usually has a ton of them in stock and they always try to avoid mentioning which company printed it. It's the ones that claim they are selling the Japan release *brand new* for an abnormally low price that you have to look out for. Plus, a seller can easily say they're in Japan but they're not. I've come across quite a few that in the feedback section, the buyer says the package was postmarked from China. You just gotta be careful.

Back on topic: Yeah, I was quite disappointed to find that 10 minutes of refreshing only rewarded me with the Happy Box. >___>

Thank you, Mirrorcle Heaven*

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