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Originally Posted by rossbarney2003 View Post
I'm losing hope that they'll ever fix the incorrect tracks being used on spotify. The two stand outs to me are the non-mixed versions of "Fly High" being used on Ayu Trance 2 and Ayu-mi-x II but I'm sure there are more. It just completely destroys the flow of the albums.

I've reported it multiple times to Spotify but it seems they can't do anything about it although I'm not sure why. I've even emailed Avex but with no response.

Any more ideas how the issue can be fixed?
It's up to Avex fix not Spotify — for all Spotify know, that's how the album/flow should be...

I wouldn't hope for Avex to fix it..this is the same company that somehow forgot to include the guitar track for M on A Complete.