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That's terrible that they are refusing to ship your items to your new address since you're moving. Since it's a preordered item that isn't even in yet or has been shipped, why can't they go in and edit your address in the order? Did you ever ask to speak to a supervisor or anyone higher up in ranks than a phone representative?

I also had an issue once where I paid for my items and they sent me emails requesting payments days after I already saw that they charged my bank account and received my money. I emailed and called them to tell them that I already paid for the items and I had to email them proof that the payments were sent. Since it was their error, I asked them if they could expedite the shipping since their mistake delayed it for close to a week. They refused but shipped my items the next day. I guess errors can happen but I never had that problem with any company before where they didn't know I already paid.

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