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He also directs CMs and stuff, so it's not surprising. He also has done a lot of her story videos that Ayu is known for which imo counts for more than her 'sitting pretty' PVs. The ones who have the PVs where THINGS ARE HAPPENING ALL THE TIME are Kouki Tange, Hideaki Sunaga, and maybe Tetsuo Inoue. Kouki for sure if you look at his other works with artists, since he tends to make PVs into short films, not just videos. (http://mabataki.co.jp/ for his design work and http://www.yellow-brain.com/blog/ for PV work and so on)

Though now that I think about it, most videos for artists that don't dance or anything just have them looking pretty, or singing while other people looking pretty in cutscenes.

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