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Originally Posted by freedreamer View Post
I just watched Chapter 1 last night. I would the concert's energy was VERY HIGH and there was just so much jumping and pumping fists kinda atmosphere going on. I do love the stage design. Always loved a stage that was more than just an extended runway.

But I couldn't get over how a lot of it was very conceptless. I didnt get what the concert was going for. It had Moulin Rouge moments and then that Military moment but Fly High came out half cute half badass which was such a pity. I mean, the only thing I did observe was this "ONSTAGE PERFORMER - BACKSTAGE DRAMA, MELANCHOLY" idea. Was she trying to say something to the audience?

I felt like the lightning was VERY one note. It was purplish/pink and bright. The only wow part was the fullblown red scene in WARNING's opening. Back in the day, we probably got more lasers and pyros idk. It felt disjointed to me but Ayu was the one that was sustaining the whole energy and vibe. Sometimes I just felt like she let those acrobatics do too much. In this concert alone, they had so many flip around moments during her non-singing parts. Every song could potentially go in that direction.
Her celebratory concerts usually don't go much far concept-wise.


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