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Originally Posted by jiarongisme View Post
"Do you like my stick? Sexy stick huh?" What's up with that Timmy?
What's up with *many* things when it comes to Timmy.

I don't mind him as a backup vocalist, but when he's got a speaking part...the cringe factor always goes through the roof.


I just watched both concerts in two consecutive evenings. I've come to the conclusion that her live band is a must. Chapter 3 was not a bad show by any stretch - but it's just not the same without them.

I think this is part of why I can't get into Namie Amuro or Koda Kumi's concerts as much as I do for Ayu's (well...they do have live musicians every once in a while, but even then they don't have nearly the stage presence as Ayu's).
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