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Originally Posted by melissalove View Post
I don’t think ayu can hear herself when she hits higher notes. So she screams without realizing. :/
I think it is less about her hearing and more the health of her voice.

It sounds damaged and has for a while. And it just gets more damaged as she goes. It would explain her rough tone these days even on the Trouble album recordings.

I think sometimes people get into "yelling" instead of appropriate technique when they try to sing outside of their comfortable range or are struggling to push notes within their range out due to a strained voice. Unfortunately the yelling just worsens the problem.

Really she would maybe need to take some time to train her voice to be comfortable in different ranges as well as handle the amount she sings but it would be even harder now since it sounds so far gone sometimes.

I'm not a professional vocalist, so I dont spend as much time looking into these things (so dont take this post too seriously). But I've always been curious to hear what one thinks regarding ayu's issues.

It seemed around 2014 or 2015 (or whenever cirque de minuit was) she was using more appropriate breathing and singing technique. Some people said she sounded less emotional, but I think she was just trying to exercise control and reduce strain. Far from perfect still even then.

I'm sure the hearing has an impact but I think there is much more going on. And sometimes it's sad to hear like in this Sorrows recording

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