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Originally Posted by visionfactory View Post
Something in common with all ayu bootlegs is that avex trax is always mispelled or simply it isn't shown at all

In the case of Indonesian cassettes they do have the avex trax logo in it, I have 2 of them

For the mispelling error in NEVER EVER. There are even Avex Trax Japan CDs that have errors in it, specially on English tracks

For example Avex Trax's Bust A Move Original Soundtrack you can see in the tracklist at the back "Transforme" but in the booklet it's correctly written as "Transform". There are also several others error in this booklet as well.

Even Ayu re-released A BEST 2 -WHITE- because a song author was wrong on the booklet

good to know! luckily, I have the majority of her albums on cassette now since this post, thanks for the insight
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