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Question A Question About YesAsia/CDJapan

Well, the only thing I've bought from YesAsia so far is NEXT LEVEL, but in the future I might plan to make more purchases from YesAsia, CDJapan, the other sites you guys all take for granted =P The thing is, I dont have a credit card, and it took me like a month to convince my dad to preorder NEXT LEVEL for me, so Ive been looking for many methods of online shopping without a credit card/debit card or related. Then I remembered seeing an ad at the mall a while back for American Express Gift Cards, and a commercial for Visa Gift cards. My question is, are those two cards accepted at YesAsia, CDJapan, and other vendors? I only live like 10 min away (by walking) from a CVS pharmacy and if they carry those cards, I might have found my break! Thanks for helping!