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Yes this one is very inspired ! that was the time when Avex wanted to make her look like the asian Madonna ! But she is far to be the only Namie Amuro looked very much like J-lo when she began to make R&b & hip hop etc... (for exemple)

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I don't think she ever "copied" anything, besides the MTRL girl logo thing... she always mentioned Madonna as her inspiration and even those websites that claim that Ayu is a copy cat by posting pictures of "similarities" with the costumes (of Madonna, Gaga, Britney, Christina, etc), it is not even identical. The costumes might have similarities but that doesn't mean it's a copy-cat thing. Nowadays everyone grabs inspiration and ideas from other artists, authors, and yet people are always trying to make it look like a bad thing.
These websites are so funny because these similarity are so dubious ... Of course she has been inspired by the big names like every body on the pop scene ! sometime They take just one little details and they call her copy cat ...

Just because she has pigtails -_-'

just because she is on the road ...

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