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Originally Posted by koumori View Post

Words are important, and "in my opinion/from my perspective" are used to differentiate between you acknowledging that other people think differently and you think that's fine, or you thinking what you are saying is fact and you judge those who think differently.

We seem to have a problem with people misunderstanding why it's important to use words to explain their point better. People here aren't your friends, they barely know you. If you walk into a room irl and say something like "x artist has gotten really bland" then you'll get the same response from strangers if they like that artist. It's more likely you'd say "Well, their last song wasn't my thing, for x y and z", which is what you say to welcome discussion and not seem like you're preemptively shooting it down.

Is it unnecessary? Well, since people are commenting that they needed to repeat that they do consider it just their opinion, I personally wouldn't say it is. If multiple people are misunderstanding you consistently then sometimes it's good to look at the finer details of the wording you're using to make sure you're representing yourself in the best way.

After Zeke's signature back in the day I really thought on why we would see consistent debates on his wording, and this is the big key difference really. If you're allowing yourself to be open to discussion and other people's opinions, then say so, because people don't know you and won't assume the best. And everyone here has had bad experiences of being told their taste is shit point blank lmao, unfortunately not everyone comes onto a forum wanting a discussion and it's just the reality of things that we have to signal when we do or that we know not everyone thinks the same as us.

This is amazingly off-topic but since it's on the topic of AHS as a community, I'll roll with it. My apologies to those coming here for Pray for you news
While I can understand what you're saying, what makes it any different from people just saying "this song is great"? Because it's a positive expression and not a negative one, the same rules don't apply?

You touched on people feeling like they're being judged by someone who says "this is bland/bad/etc", but why then is it acceptable to judge those who voice negative opinions? I expressed a negative opinion, and a whole conversation was started with people quoting me shooting down my opinion. I didn't approach the conversation this way - I didn't quote a bunch of people who enjoy the song so far and shoot them down. Why is the standard not applicable here? That's my problem with this whole situation. And this doesn't just happen to me. I've been on this forum for 15 years - this has often been a situation when a minority opinion is stated.

You also touched on "people don't know you and won't assume the best", and I agree. But again, the standard needs to be applicable to both sides. It's ok for people to project their assumptions onto my comment and take issue with how I express myself because they don't know me personally, but I have to adjust my thoughts and feelings for people who I don't know personally myself?

It's totally ok for people to like different things. It's also totally ok to express your feelings how you see fit. Again, I didn't personally attack or insult anybody. If people choose to view it in that lens, that's their prerogative, but I have no way of knowing the personal histories of every single member on this forum, and it also isn't my responsibility. The same way I wouldn't expect anyone to know anything about mine.

I'm sorry if I seem stubborn, I just don't think it's really that complicated. All any of us can offer are our opinions, therefore, it's a pretty safe rule of thumb to realize that a statement someone makes IS their opinion. We should all be able to state what we feel and think on a forum, as long as we aren't attacking members or breaking rules. This is the last I'll say so as to not take the topic too far away from the song anymore

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