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Originally Posted by Akutenshi View Post
While I can understand what you're saying, what makes it any different from people just saying "this song is great"? Because it's a positive expression and not a negative one, the same rules don't apply?
I understand that for you this sounds like you are right and you truly believe in your ideas, and for me this just feels two ways: a person that strongly believes in something and a behavior that disrespects what others feel.

I always assume that behind any behavior is a positive intent so I'm going with this, but voicing the fact that you feel everyone else is wrong it kind of disrupts the forum dynamic. And it's not just you - I know that sometimes insisting on something can be more hurtful, but I feel that in this context, what you say doesn't apply.

This is a forum indeed, a place for opinions, but it's also a place of socializing, a place where most of us have found comfort in these crazy times. Having someone disrespecting social conventions (politeness, stating beforehand things like "in my opinion", criticizing a product, not the person, etc.) is a bit hurtful. Keep in mind that we are in a social context here, and believing that everyone else should just accept and adapt to something just because for you that feels like "freedom of thought and opinion" is unrealistic.

I am sad to see that Ayu's song-gift to us has become a subject of debate for other still open wounds, but I still believe that Ayu was also a driver for unity in a common interest - and that is the wellbeing of Ayumi Hamasaki and the appreciation for the music she is still offering us. Regardless if we like the songs or not, she is still here, working, giving her best.

So, I can't wait to hear Pray and enjoy a sweet ballad during this long awaited spring

P.S. apologies if my reply is also a bit off-topic. I know that constant debates sometimes will lead to nowhere. I hope everyone can feel safe talking here, and I will also try my best to not take anything too personal.
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