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Originally Posted by Akutenshi View Post
Again, I didn't personally attack or insult anybody. If people choose to view it in that lens, that's their prerogative, but I have no way of knowing the personal histories of every single member on this forum, and it also isn't my responsibility. The same way I wouldn't expect anyone to know anything about mine.
You did though, right here:

Originally Posted by Akutenshi View Post
Second, it is completely okay to not blindly praise everything your favorite artist does
You are saying that those who don't share your opinion are "blindly praising" what she does. Honestly, I've seen people say this many times to try to devalue the opinions of people who like something. They just MUST be blind fans who love everything she does to like something you don't like, right?

I think both fans who love something and fans who don't could work on being more respectful towards each other. So many times I have seen fans devalue the opinions of fans who dislike something and call them a "hater" or fans devalue the opinions of fans who like something and call them "blind".

I think in reality, most of the time fans are neither of those things. People just have different tastes and it's cool. If people could stop for a second and think "hey, they have different taste than me, that doesn't make them wrong and there's no need to devalue their opinion, in fact, I'd love to hear why their taste is different than mine" then conversations would probably go much more smoothly. When people are already devaluing someone else's opinion and writing them off to be a certain type of person, it definitely sets people up to act defensively and not want to continue to have an interesting conversation.

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