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Originally Posted by Linza-mo View Post
ooh ! I love the balloons part haha !
The setlist is ok, not the perfect setlist for me but I'm pretty surprised by her choice !

About the concert, I know everybody expect something BIG for her 20th anniversary, but can she do everytime bigger. I don't think so.

And she said the main theme was the MUSIC so... it's what she did isn't it ?
it's not the easiest choice (and maybe that's why she's not perfectly satisfied) but it's her choice, be focus on song, voice and arrangements... we can't says that it's everytime the same =D

But when I read "no effort", I wonder if people forget who she is...

I remember that a lot of people complained about the first power of music because there has not a lot of outfit and staging haha

The first, and the only, tour I saw was the Hotel love song, the last show on DVD was better than the first I saw in saitama,I was surprised !

Sometimes I think we are spoiled child haha

Well, I hope everyone had good time anyway and I really can't wait to go in July !

Thanks for your review ! =)