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Yeah, large, large delay. Maybe there were set up problems, but there were obvious problems with her voice. Maybe she was really nervous to come out knowing that her voice was not in good shape? I don't know.

So I'm not quite done with the concert, but I'm mostly through it. There are a lot of great things about this concert and one very large negative:


Fantastic, not super ordinary setlist.
Great stage. It looks like more budget went into this than a lot of her recent concerts.
Great outfits except for maybe the one for Startin'/Step You because she looked like she was going to fall out of her dress at any moment.
Ayu looked great.

The vocals. There's just really no way around this one. You can see her constantly fiddling with her ear monitors, but I'm not sure how much the ears are to blame for this one. It just sounded like her voice simply was not there to come out. The backup singers all sounded and came through just fine, so I don't think it was an audio issue.

Her voice sounds decent on a lot of the verses, but I would say she sounded like she was seriously struggling on just about all choruses of every song. I had such high hopes when she came out for Duty too because the verse sounded pretty good, but then it all went downhill. There were several songs were she just stopped singing at all and let the back track take over because I think she didn't even want to try to hit those notes because she knew she'd miss them.

Really unfortunate because the rest of the concert is awesome. I hope maybe they will go back and edit the vocals when her voice is in better condition (or maybe she sounded better on the first night and they can use that audio instead) because this is a show worth releasing on dvd/bluray.

Originally Posted by pedronekoi View Post
So she was the most commented topic on girlschannel yesterday and a lot of people mentioned how the blue outfit and styling looked like Namie and the Versace looked like Kumi's lately fashion. I have to agree that I felt that, sometimes, she really looked like Namie. I was shocked at times.
I strongly felt this as well, but feel it's a good choice.

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