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Originally Posted by kotora View Post
I feel like this tour the music / sound equipment setting are bad. I guess the delay was because of the failure of music / sound equipment setup?
Just to offer a bit of insight into this, most if not all big name performers and their audio engineers use a redundancy system for running the audio, so if system A fails it automatically switches to system B and nobody hears the difference. The trigger for the switch is when audio levels drop out or drop below a certain threshold. So for example, Lana Del Rey’s audio engineer said their redundancy system uses a program called Ableton live as the main audio source (system A) for whatever backing tracks or non live instruments, as well as for recording the live audio feed from all the mics, as well the lighting and screen video cues. System B is running in parallel with the exact same setup, except the program they use is called Mainstage. If system A fails it will automatically switch to system B.

Sorry for all the technical stuff, but my main point is that while they could have been fiddling with their systems before the show, if it just isn’t working they do have a redundancy and the can start the show closer to the scheduled time instead of being in crisis mode, though this mainly applies to the audio and lighting/video systems.

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