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^the burqa is not a muslim symbol and comparing it to a cross is naive at best. My comment had zero to do with religion, which I wasn't talking about at all and which I also won't do, because this is not the place. Actually Ayu did not use those women in burqa as a symbol for Islam either. Also the Arabic world has a lot to offer when it comes to culture, but forcing women by law (emphasis on law) to cover their bodies and often even their faces by putting on a burqa is not culture, but just cruel and man made. Like Yumsushi already pointed out, it was simple orientalism. The arrangements of Duty and BRILLANT had some "orient sounds" in them and the women in burqa were used as some kind of exotic add on for the show, while equating "Arabic women" = burqa. Regarding the fight women in the Arabic world are fighting not only at the moment but actually since around the 70's and what those women are risking (rape, prison, death), using women in burqa who are playing dress up as "Arabic women" as a means for entertainment is stupid at best and ignorant at worst.

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