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You're welcome!

Originally Posted by labello View Post
I think this is a really interesting interview. It's funny to me that Ayu just wanted to dress up as a leopard so she did xD sometimes I feel like people (me included) search for a deeper meaning in art and I always wonder did the artist even intend a deeper meaning? Here she says she didn't

Hearing that she was told they'd release an album at a certain date, only a few months before it had to be finished, it reminded me of how A BEST got released. She was told to do it a certain time and it had to be done. Makes me kind of sad. Although I really like both of those albums a lot.
Yeah, I remember thinking LOVEppears cover must've had a deeper meaning too, and just said: "We were discussing what I should wear this time and I thought about simply wearing nothing. There’s no intention behind it. It’s simply me as a product. I simply felt it would be cute." (GirlPop 1999-12) Although, I guess the 'product' part can be read into.

It's sad, yeah. You can tell she didn't have much say in terms of release dates in her earlier career in interviews at the time.
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