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Originally Posted by SKYia View Post
The audio was so good on YT, I was wondering how come I didn't like it when I was watching it for the first time but looks like they switched it completely, rerecorded or the technology they use is so good. It was quite pleasant to watch this time, not all but such improvement.
I don't think they did any re-recording, the vocals seems the same she sang during live (maybe the exception being Depend on you, it had the most significant audio edition - thank God). They just corrected the pitch of most part of the songs, covered up some missed notes here and there, and the mixing is so much better, her voice blends well with the choir and the instrumental. When someone goes off-key in a not-well mixed sound output, it will be more noticeable because the voice stands out. But some songs had very little adjustments, like Secret, that it's almost the same thing she sang during live broadcast.

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