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Originally Posted by _dandy_ View Post
What's up with *many* things when it comes to Timmy.

I don't mind him as a backup vocalist, but when he's got a speaking part...the cringe factor always goes through the roof.

I agree. Timmy is alright as a backup vocal and he is a talented composer, I love Brillante, but I cringe whenever he's in the main spotlight.

Originally Posted by _dandy_ View Post
I just watched both concerts in two consecutive evenings. I've come to the conclusion that her live band is a must. Chapter 3 was not a bad show by any stretch - but it's just not the same without them.

I think this is part of why I can't get into Namie Amuro or Koda Kumi's concerts as much as I do for Ayu's (well...they do have live musicians every once in a while, but even then they don't have nearly the stage presence as Ayu's).
This was my only complaint with the show, besides Timmy and that "cute" section. Before I even went I was bummed that there was no live band. The show overall was good and having the band record live tracks for her to sing to went a long way into making it sound good, but there really is no replacement for a live band.

I believe Namie toured with a band for about 15 years, up until 2010 or 2011. I was never really sure why she stopped since they really did make her shows that much better. Maybe they got just too expensive and Avex wasn't willing to pay, since her original team were all from LA.... Personally I enjoy her shows with the band more, but I still buy and enjoy some of her recent stuff.

Namie is very different from Ayu on stage. Namie is a lot more shy and Ayu is totally a people-person. Even when Namie was doing MC's, she didn't really try to entertain the crowd with the MC; she was mostly adorably awkward and just thanked people for coming and ask how everyone was doing/enjoying or make some sort of announcement like a single or album or introduce a new song.

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