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Originally Posted by Pieces_of_SEVEN View Post
SO I realized last night that there's no generic ballad album track per usual (curtain call, Secret, meaning of Love, etc.) and I'm pleased!
Probably because there were so many damn ballads in the singles, lol. Not that that's a problem, but it might have seemed kinda superfluous to add another ballad to the album. Fine by me; seems like there's going to be a nice balance this way. This album already seems, by the previews, that it's gonna have really good flow; much better than R'n'RC (in that department).

Originally Posted by rakeru View Post
^That sucks!

You mean to tell me I battled with the crash page on and off all day for no leak? >.<
Yup...pretty much everyone's on at once simply out of anticipation. I can't imagine how difficult it's gonna be to get AHS to load when it really does leak. Dah.

Edit: lol @ pepper--exactly right.
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