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Originally Posted by astameth View Post
I've got a question about the overseas version of the cdl 05-06. All my overseas ayu dvd's comes with the original japanese booklet with pictures, and an other with chinese lyrics, but for the cdl 05-06 i only got chinese lyrics !! it's normal ? avex choice ? the japanese booklet is present for the overseas arena 06 dvd ?
Mine doesn't have a "booklet" persay, just a a 2-page thing with the Jp lyrics... and then the little chinese lyrics, and the usual Avex Adds.

I have a question about COUNT DOWN LIVE 2004-2005 :-

Is it meant to be 4:3 ? Because of that it's lesser quality and when i first put it in, it refused to play in VLC and my program that rips DVD audio - and then i installed an all region hack for my PowerDVD program and it works fine. Odd.

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