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oh, I don't see why anyone thinks thats not Ayu... that surely is... listen to 'flower garden' at around 1:22... now she is singing Japanese so her voice is a little higher... but remember everyone, she has said that she hikes up her voice when she talks in Japanese to that 'cute level' because thats what fans want to hear... Ayu has actually a deep voice... Watching her Arena 2005 Special side DVD has shown her real voice... it is quite deep and not the high squeaky voice you guys are used to...

Her english is getting better... but she did record in New York and you can kinda hear a little northern lisp in her dialogue... I think you guys are being thrown off by the muffled effects they are doing,

as to what it says ... I'm still trying to figure that out myself... seems like it's gonna be another 'forgiveness'

hmm... I turned it up on my iPOD... it kinda sounds like there's 2 verses that she repeats twice... but the 2nd verse is excalt the same except for whats in bold because I can hear 'look up' on the 1st and 3rd verses... but if you listen closely you can hear an 's' sound in the 2nd and 4th verse... almost like the word "waste it" but it doesn't quite sound like waste..... hmmm needs more analyzing XD but here's what I kinda hear (I put the 'you' in parenthesis because I think the 'you' is understood... or just forgotten... it makes better sense that way

Danger, look up
(You) can replace him
Hate him
Then even so
You don’t even
Think you can leave him

..::|Do no evil|::..

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