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Alright... I think I have figured it out

Devil Ayu is right that someone else did this Vocoder voice... BUT it's not the rap you guys think it is. Since when has Ayu ever let someone take up that much space in her song? I don't think the arranger sought out a person and made them sing this rap for Ayu's album. I beleive Ayu would have done it

BUT who is this Vocoder voice... Well if you listen you hear 'Danger' throughtout the song... this is the actual Vocoder voice

listen to the sample and read the website... I promise I did some research before I got on and said "OMG, like it's Ayu you guys, like how can you think it's not like her??!" So serisouly, doesn't this sound a little more plausible?

Ayu would have let someone else sing choruses and stuff with it being a choir or someone. They only song she has sung with someone on a single or album song is Keiko... and that was a duet

EDIT: Sorry forgot to put the website link *hee hee* forgive me I'm a blond


also everyone notice the adorable little penguin at the top

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