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ayumi hamasaki×BETTY BOOP tote bag


ayumi hamasaki×BETTY BOOP cushion

Hikaru uchiwa(PINK/YELLOW)


Sports towel(PINK/YELLOW)


key holder(PINK/BLACK)

Mini backpack

Multi case

Room shoes(M/L)

Privacy protection glass(iPhone7/iPhone8、iPhone7plus/iPhone8plus、iPhoneX/iPhoneXs/iPhone11pro、iPhoneXsMAX/iPhone11proMAX) 


A Charm bracelet ※You can't choose the color.

Regional limited mug

EC limited mug

ayumi hamasaki x BETTY BOOP clear backpack
ayuBETTY transformed into SUMMER ver.!
A backpack made of summer-clear material. There is also an internal pocket, so you can show the inside of the bag beautifully! The attached pouch is a pouch that you want to put something you want to hide or want to use as a single unit.

ayumi hamasaki×BETTY BOOP flat sandals (S/M/L)
ayuBETTY transformed into SUMMER ver.!
Flat sandals with a simple design that make fashion and fun come true! Velcro straps that can be easily attached and removed, and a lightweight sole hold your foot firmly.
*The size of the ankle and instep can be adjusted with Velcro

ayumi hamasaki×BETTY BOOP iPhone case
(iPhone7 / iPhone8 / iPhoneSE / iPhoneX / iPhoneXs / iPhoneXR / iPhone11 / iPhone11pro / iPhone11proMAX
ayuBETTY transformed into SUMMER ver.!
Introducing an iPhone case with a mirror. It is convenient because you can check your appearance at any time.

T-shirt (YELLOW/S/M/L/XL)
Tour T-shirts are now available in a summer vivid yellow color!
The image is completely different from the black version.

Mini wallet
A compact 3-fold wallet that fits in a small bag.
The design point is the logo letter of Vitamin Orange on neon yellow!

Mini coin case
The same mini coin case that uses denim fabric as the clear shoulder bag.
A stylish item that you can attach to your bag or enjoy with the clear shoulder bag!
It's also convenient for putting in small things that disappear somewhere in your bag such as keys and lip balm.

Food container
A food container that is convenient when you have made too many dishes and are making too much while the number of home meals is increasing.
It is also a convenient item as a lunch box!
[Size] Capacity: S size 180 ml, M size 320 ml, L size 510 ml
[Material] Body: polypropylene, lid: polyethylene
[Heat-resistant temperature] Body: 140 degrees, Lid: 70 degrees

Have you ever had a problem with your size when shopping online? At that time, a convenient measure comes up!

Clear shoulder bag
A shoulder bag that combines different materials of denim fabric and clear material.
The bold logo design on the front eliminates the concern of clear material that makes the inside completely visible!

"Ayumi hamasaki TROUBLE TOUR 2020 A ~Saigono Trouble~ A (logo) money"
*One gift will be given for each transaction.

"Ayumi Hamasaki Autographed Color Ball" will be presented to 30 people by lottery

■TeamAyu shop sale start:2020.02.12 19:00~
■mu-mo shop sale start:2020.02.13 12:00~

Special page: https://shop.mu-mo.net/st/special/ayu2020/

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